Practice Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

Collaboration with FH Salzburg

We assist students taking part in the "Information Technology and Systems Management" degree program of the FH Salzburg with research topics.

Practical, strong in research, promising.
This is how the FH Salzburg presents itself. One of the reasons why we decided to collaborate with FH Salzburg, was to assist students taking part in the "Information Technology and Systems Management" course in researching topics directly from the field.

Professoren und Studierende der FH Salzburg zu Gast bei Steadforce

Our partners FH-Prof. MMag. Dr. Manfred Mayr, FH-Ass. Prof. DI (FH) DI Peter Haber and two students from the Fachhochschule (FH) Salzburg took an upcoming presentation as an opportunity to get to know our office in Munich.

The collaboration with Salzburg University of Applied Sciences consists of a project that has been integrated into the study program over two semesters as a practical part and is supervised by our data scientists. As part of the project, two students are exploring how to use analytics and machine learning to generate additional information from customer profiles. Frequently accounts are used in online shopping on Amazon, Zalando and Co. by several people. A software should not only detect such cases, but also determine who is sitting in front of the computer. For companies, this offers the opportunity for targeted offers and a plus revenue potential.

As part of the work, the students examine what the technological implementation looks like and what added value can be generated for companies.

Our data scientists assist with feedback and practical experience and support the students with new ideas and the approach in the project.

We are looking forward to a continued good and successful collaboration!