Who or what is Steadforce?

A formula for quality and innovation

Steadforce – yet another chapter in our success story

Steadforce GmbH can look back on over 30 years of successful software development. Over the course of these three decades, many technologies have come and gone, paradigm shifts have been experienced firsthand and cross-sectoral work has been required. Over such a long period of time, the view is sharpened for the things and factors that prove to be a constant for success. F&F has always invested in people and a good working environment, ensuring a high degree of stability and a high level of know-how. This emphasis on expertise and experience ensures a constant quality in the projects.
Based on these factors, the three values of reliability, quality and innovation were essential to our success.

In addition to the upcoming generational change in the leadership of F&F, digitalization in particular has been a driving factor in realigning the company strategy and positioning. Digitalization will have a lasting impact on the future and requires holistic thinking and an adapted approach.

The aim of the reorientation of F&F is to continue the previously successful corporate culture in the digital future and to master the challenges of digital transformation. This should also be visible and perceptible to the outside in all clarity. That’s why F&F decided to redefine the company’s positioning by launching a new brand. From the three values, reliability, quality and innovation strength, the brand Steadforce has developed.

Steadforce stands for the values of reliability and strength, coupled with vision and goals to capture the exciting technologies of the future.

Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning – we know how to use and capitalize on large amounts of data.

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In the digital age, tailor-made software solutions are the success factors.

Today, companies need to be able to quickly and flexibly adapt their processes and organization to ever-changing market demands.

Together with you, we develop tailor-made solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business processes and help to optimize them.

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“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” But we are happy to help.

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More than 20 years have passed since SCRUM was publicly presented by Jeff Sutherland.

At Steadforce, we believe that SCRUM has many benefits:

  • The customer gets what he needs and not just what was originally offered.
  • The employees are much happier: "I think it’s pretty cool – you have a much better overview and know what the others are doing." – Developer at Steadforce.
  • The quality is increasing.
  • The costs decrease.

Through SCRUM and agile software development, we have managed to complete an application in 6 weeks, from kickoff to go-live, for an insurance client.

For a long-term project with a German car manufacturer, the number of bugs was more than halved after the introduction of SCRUM.

We advise our customers on the successful introduction of SCRUM.

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A good developer looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

At Steadforce we make quality not only our job and duty, but also a sporting challenge and passion.

If our employees have learned one thing over the years, it’s that there is hardly anything better in the evening than to look back proudly on the good work of the day, or even intensively discuss better solutions while enjoying an after-work beer with the colleagues.

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