Let your data speak.

Listen to the signals in your data and optimize your processes and products through data analysis and innovative machine learning procedures.

The path from unstructured data, to raw information and finally to useful insights is long. We are your guide!

Information gained from your data provide a valuable contribution to optimizing your products and business processes. The prerequisite for the successful implementation of a data science project is to determine and evaluate the business problem with accuracy.

The result of the first project phase is a proof of concept (PoC), based on which the next steps can be assessed.

Our experts work together with you:

  • Use-Case Definition: How can Data Analytics generate added value?
  • Potential statement: How are business value and complexity evaluated?
  • Risk Assessment: What are the challenges to be solved?
  • Prioritization: How can the use cases be evaluated overall?
  • Exploratory analysis: What clues do we find in the data?
  • Prototypical modeling: Can the business question be answered based on the data?

The implementation of an Analytics model is only half way from generating business value. The information gained must be made available to the right field expert and systems at the right time.

The resulted outcome of the second project phase is the production-ready analytics application.

Our experts develop your individually customized solution:

  • Data Engineering: Scalable connections and preparation of data sources for continuous use.
  • Product maturity: Further development of the Analytics solution from the PoC.
  • Software solution: Development of a user-friendly application for the stakeholders.
  • Integration of the system into the existing IT infrastructure and business processes.
  • Introduction and training of users contribute to the success and acceptance of the solution.

Within live systems, you collect new insights and data that flow back into the machine learning application and are used for continuous optimization and further development.

The result of each iteration is an improved solution.

Our experts can assist you with:

  • Impact evaluation on business operations.
  • Backflow of results to optimize Analytics models.
  • New business potential: Discover further use cases based on the experience gained.
  • Further development and maintenance of the software solution.