Dealer Aftersales Platform

Hardware, Software and Rights of Use always up to date.

The scope of the application ranges from sales, after-sales, maintenance service to the repair and verification of diagnosed data. The platform provides the registration information for various applications and loads the updates to the local storage (USB disk, server, NAS) of the retailer in the background. This includes several centralized and decentralized dealer-specific basic services, such as managing devices, distributing software and data and enforcing the rights of use of software and paid services.

It also includes self-help for known IT and diagnostic issues for local resellers.
To help dealers report hardware and software issues, an own incident management system is integrated. This incident management system uses the Incident Management Suite of the headquarters as back-end in the background. Incidents can be processed by the support team with a proven toolset.
The content for the dealer self-help is designed using a web application created for the support engineers. Among other things, this includes an editor who is creating decision trees for solutions to known problems. The dealer can navigate by answering questions directly to solving his problem. In the editor, the solutions can be stored in different versions.
Solutions provided by the editors can only be valid for specific markets or countries (e.g. due to legal regulations).
For this purpose, in the web application, the market or country managers can lock a solution, release or adjust it accordingly. The dealer self-help is provided in the respective national language. For this purpose, an automatic translation for the dealer self-help was connected.
In order to be able to query the quality of the solutions, feedback is requested from the dealers and market or country managers. Data regarding which solutions are called particularly frequently or rarely is also collected. Based on these statistics, the solutions can then be adapted.

Central Backend Team:
JEE 6 und JEE7 (3-Tier), JAX-RS 1 und JAX-RS 2, JAX-WS, JAXB, JQuery, Java 7 und Java 8, JPA 2.0 und JPA 2.1, Apache 2.4, Oracle 12c DBMS, Java-Script, ExtJs

Central Frontend/Backend Team:
.NET 4.5, C#, JNDI4Net, Objective C

Jenkins, Maven, Sonarqube, RestAssured, Nexus

Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana u. Grafana (ELK + G); Nagios Monitoring

JAX / Java / .Net / JPA / C#