Mobile Enterprise Applications

From digital to physical and back.

This is how Thomas Husson (Vice President of Forrester) sees the topic of mobile. Today, the smartphone seems to have taken over our lives – and the lives of our children. There is a good reason for this: Thanks to the mobility and intuitive operation of smartphones and tablets, certain tasks can be carried out practically on the go. The apps are always where they are needed: in the middle of life. At Steadforce, we develop B2B Enterprise Solutions using the same interface criteria as state-of-the-art B2C consumer apps.

Apps on mobile devices can be programmed as responsive, becoming web pages designed and optimized for small displays. More common and alternative apps can be implemented natively. These can have more features, but they often need to be installed through the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store. In our "Vision" project phase, together we can evaluate which approach is the most suitable, efficient and meaningful for your enterprise solution.

Steadforce specializes in adding mobile features to your enterprise systems. For this we have developed a three-stage process:

1) Vision: The most important and fundamental question is at the beginning: How should the new mobile component generate a clear added value to your enterprise system?

2) Interface Design: In order for a good product to have an optimal interface, we work with professional designers in Munich and nearshore partners on the wireframes and interfaces.

3) Implementation: We use Agile Software Development processes and SCRUM. This enables us to have better and faster results.

Key Features:

Usability: Users today expect the same usability of enterprise apps as on the smartphone.

Location: By using a smartphone or tablet with enterprise apps, you can work anywhere.

Functionality: The integration of camera, voice recognition and other features enhances the overall experience of the app.