F&F goes Steadforce!

We are happy to announce that F&F Computer Anwendungen und Unternehmensberatung GmbH is now called Steadforce GmbH!

Steadforce is the continuation of stability, quality and the values of F&F GmbH, paired with vision and innovation to conquer the exciting technologies of the future.

The realignment of our corporate strategy and positioning, driven by various factors. That is our response to a fast-moving, volatile market with ever-changing requirements. An example of this is our growing Big Data and Advanced Analytics team.

As part of our extensive refurbishment of our office space, we have relocated our main entrance from Westendstraße 195 to Westendstraße 193:

Steadforce GmbH

Westendstrasse 193

80686 Munich

With all the innovations, we do not forget our corporate culture, in which reliability, quality and innovation are firmly anchored and with which we have been able to successfully deliver our projects over the last decades. We maintain these characteristics, as well as the flat hierarchies and our down-to-earthness.

Our name change has no influence on our existing business relationship, we are and will remain your partner: company headquarters, ownership, legal and tax identity, persons acting as well as your known contact persons including telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Key Facts

From F&F to Steadforce

Steadforce GmbH, formerly F&F GmbH, can look back on over 30 years of successful software development. Over the course of these three decades, many technologies have come and gone, paradigm shifts have been experienced firsthand and cross-sectoral work has been required. Over such a long period of time, the view is sharpened for the things and factors that prove to be a constant for success. F&F has always invested in people and a good working environment, ensuring a high degree of stability and high level of know-how. This emphasis on expertise and experience ensures a constant quality in the projects.
Based on these factors, the three values: reliability, quality and innovation were essential to our success.

In addition to the upcoming generational change in the leadership of F&F, digitalization in particular has been a driving factor in realigning the company strategy and positioning. Digitalization will have a lasting impact on the future and requires holistic thinking and an adapted approach.

The aim of the reorientation of F&F is to continue the previously successful corporate culture in the digital future and to master the challenges of digital transformation. This should also be visible and perceptible to the outside in all clarity. That’s why F&F decided to redefine the company’s positioning by launching a new brand. From the three values, reliability, quality and innovation strength, the brand Steadforce has developed.

Steadforce stands for the values of reliability and strength, coupled with vision and goals to capture the exciting technologies of the future.