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iDSC 2019 from May 22nd to 24th

Steadforce at the iDSC 2019 in Salzburg

The 2nd International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2019) is aimed at researchers, scientists and economists. The goal is to identify and discuss new ways for agile approaches in the various areas of data science such as machine learning and AI, data mining or visualization and communication. Case studies and best practices from leading research organizations and companies complement the conference.

Steadforce will present itself with a lecture and a workshop at iDSC on Thursday, May 23rd.

The lecture of Dr. Jonathan Boidol and Stephan Schiffner, entitled "Discovering and Extracting Knowledge from Large Text Collections – Introduction to Text mining on the example of clinical trials", addresses the question of which strategies, techniques, and tools are relevant to implementing a text analysis pipeline. We show steps from data acquisition, to connecting to external data sources, to presenting domain expert knowledge and the challenges of such a project by using clinical trials as an example.

For students and professionals interested in advanced data science methods, Dr. Federica Fusco will offer a workshop. The aim is to develop a predictive model for the demand for candies in an office environment. At this in-house example data cleaning, preprocessing and modeling are performed. Participants have the opportunity to follow a complete data science use case using an unusual data set. Development environments include Python, Jupyter, and the Python ecosystem.

Steadforce is looking forward to meeting you at the iDSC!

IDSC Salzburg 2019