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The following information contains the legally required information on provider identification, as well as important legal information on the internet presence of Steadforce GmbH.

The vendor of this internet presence is in the legal sense
Steadforce GmbH
Address: Steadforce GmbH
Westendstraße 193
80686 München
Telephone: (089) 5 17 27 – 0
Web: www.steadforce.com
E-Mail: munich@steadforce.com

Steadforce GmbH is legally represented by the Managing Director Anton Furtmeier.

Registered Office and Commercial Registry
Munich HRB 76 536

VAT Registration Number
The sales tax identification number of Steadforce GmbH is:

Responsible for content within the meaning of section 55 (2) RStV (Rundfunkstaatsvertrages)
Frederic Furtmeier

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