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24 students and young graduates are guests at Steadforce

On Tuesday, 17 September 2019, the SteadyTechNight took place in our office in Munich. The event is the continuation of our Big Data Night and was once again directed at young academics and students from various disciplines. We welcomed a total of 24 guests at our premises in Westendstraße and had exciting conversations with them.

After a welcome aperitif, Managing Director Anton Furtmeier displayed our expertise in laboratory automation to the guests. Using a demo track from our customer GLP Systems, he explained how extensive the processing of tens of thousands of blood samples per day is and which factors are decisive for smooth laboratory operations.

Afterwards, an entertaining presentation about the Candy Show Case awaited our guests. Using our internal candy consumption, we demonstrated how we can deal with data and the complex challenges associated with it.

After a popcorn break we continued with a presentation about our car sharing project "Flexible Use". Among other things, our guests were able to learn how we ensure that BMW always keeps track of where certain DriveNow vehicles are at any given time and what features they are equipped with. We also demonstrated the cloud technologies we use to ensure automatic horizontal scalability at high system load.

At the end of the second presentation, the SteadyTechNight lottery was dissolved. The guests had to estimate previously how many kilograms of sweets are consumed by the Steadforce team within one year. With her estimate of 390 kg, the winner came very close to the correct result of 366 kg and was able to enjoy a JBL Charge 3 worth € 100. A good estimate was also given by two other guests, who were presented with a Steadforce hoody and luggage scales as second and third prizes.

Afterwards there was a rich buffet with Bavarian specialties in our Steadforce kitchen. With freshly mixed cocktails at the bonfire on our roof terrace we let the evening end cozily.

A big thank you to all guests who visited our SteadyTechNight and whom we had the pleasure to meet in this beautiful setting. We are already looking forward to seeing you again!