Strategic Partnerships

We cooperate with global technological and industrial companies


HiveMQ are experts in networking machines, devices and apps with MQTT, the de facto communication standard for the Internet of Things. The HiveMQ MQTT Broker enables secure, reliable, and scalable data transfer from devices to the cloud.

FC Bayern Basketball

The Business Circle is a network of 300 companies sharing a passion: basketball. Crucial is not the size of the network, but the quality. The performance of each network is defined by the degree of interaction of its members. Together with the Business Circle, we at Steadforce, want to proactively connect people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities.

7er Pool

Steadforce is a founding member of the 7er Pool, an alliance of 7 Munich-based software companies with a total annual turnover of 70 million euros and 700 employees. The 7er Pool has the experience of more than 7,000 projects with over 70,000 project years in the automotive industry.
We combine the flexibility of medium-sized companies with the power of a large cooperation.

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner and offer an extensive portfolio of solutions in the Microsoft environment.
With our certified MS experts we support our customers in mobile technologies, desktop technology, office automation, .NET and cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure.

Oracle Gold Partner

For database-driven software solutions we have been using Oracle’s products for more than two decades, which have led the market and set standards due to their security, scalability and portability.


HERE is a location platform company and creates living 3D maps layered with information and insights. HERE helps cities to manage their infrastructure and services, enterprises to optimize their assets and efficiency and guide drivers to their destinations safely. With strategic partners, they are building location technology that will enable the autonomous world for everyone.